Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hanging out with Volcanologist

As part of our Unit of Inquiry into how natural forces shape the planet 4G was able to hang out virtually with John Bailey - a volcanologist who now works at Google.

Not only did the children learn a lot about the different types of volcanos, eruptions, and how volcanos change over time, they also learned a lot about being a scientist.

This is our first time using Google Hangouts and I think it is becoming a class favourite.

What is something new that you learned about volcanos from the talk?

What is something that you learned about how scientists use evidence and data?


  1. Hi class
    I never new that volcano's could reform then deform up and down.
    I learnt that scientist collect data and then check if there prediction is right.
    What did you find surprising about the volcano's?

    From Raph

  2. Hi guys
    I loved doing a google hang out with the volcanologist because he taught some interesting
    things.It was also cool to see his pictures of volcanoes.
    Did he answer your question?

    From Thomas

  3. Hi everybody,
    The volcanologist's name was John Bailey. We had a google chat with him. We asked him so many questions about volcanoes and he took time to answer us. I was very surprised that that the volcanoes fell down but then they build up by their self again.
    What did you find surprising about the chat?

    From Cagla

  4. Hello Everybody
    I learned that volcanoes have sulfur in them.
    Scientist have data and they check if what they predicted was correct.

    From Manav

  5. Hi Everyone,
    I learned that to be sure that a volcano is dead you have collect data and when it last erupted and if it was 500 years ago you have to wait 500 years and if it doesn't erupt in 500 years they agree and say that it is dead.I also learned that for some volcanos you need gas masks.
    What did you learn?


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