Friday, 7 November 2014

Real life division

Year 4 is getting ready for our big assembly next week. Little did we know we'd be doing a lot of maths; multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. We can't tell you what we are up to, stay tuned for next week.

What did you enjoy about our super secret project?

What did you find tricky?


  1. Hello everyone!

    I enjoyed doing the maths and I was
    like the manager doing most of the maths
    to tell everyone how many of the materials we
    needed for every bag.


  2. Hi
    Real life division was really fun because it felt like we where singed for a job.
    The thing i enjoyed about the super secret project was that it was secret and we had just started a division unit so it was fun to try division.
    And the thing i fount tricky was starting because it was really loud so we couldn't organise what to do.


  3. Dear everyone
    What I liked about sorting out the materials was we had to
    sort them into groups and I also liked real life maths because it
    felt like we had a real job.
    What I found tricky was we had to do allot of maths and a lot of sorting
    out stuff and it also took a long time

    From Jessica

  4. Dear Everyone
    What I enjoyed about our project was sorting out the balloons and plates.What I found tricky was that sometimes it got all confusing.
    What did you find tricky?

  5. I'm really glad that you could see the usefulness of multiplication and division. How might you use these maths skills if you were baking cakes? Can someone find me a recipe?


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