Saturday, 11 June 2016

Wow! Thank you 4G children and parents

Thank you to all the children and parents for our wonderful thank you video. This is this best end of year gift a teacher could receive!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Farewell 4G - Another fantastic year

Fantastic to see some fantastic videos from our 4G learners sharing their experiences. Have a great Year 5!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Books as mirrors and windows

Our read alouds this year were:

  • Fish in a Tree
  • Wonder
  • Fish
  • Under the Mountain
  • Pax

Were any of the books we read this year windows into the world for you? What makes you say that?

Were any of the books a reflection (you had a special connection with the character and setting)? What makes you think that?

Ms Stephanie was very inspired by this Ted Talk. She has decided that she will include Where the Mountain meets the moon as the first read aloud of the year for our explorer unit. Will that be a good idea? What makes you think that?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Cooperation - it's about actions not just words

We've been talking a lot about cooperation this week in 4G. We know that we need to show our attitudes at all times, especially towards the end of the year when people can be tired and cranky.

This week you decided that cooperation looked like:
  • Taking turns - letting others go before you. 
  • Following instructions the first time!
  • Keeping our classroom clean - don’t just walk away from the mess even if you didn’t make it. 
  • Putting things back where they are supposed to be - iPads, the bags outside being left on the floor, pens, pencils, books
  • Helping out when you see someone else needs help
  • Playing fairly,  accepting lose and being nice when you win.  
  • Encouraging others to do their best
  • Listening to others ideas - don’t interrupt them!
  • Respond calmly - just because someone else isn’t acting positively doesn’t mean you need to get angry too.
Has your thinking about cooperation changed? What makes you say that?

What actions have you taken this week to show cooperation?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Our cool climbathon

Nexus walkers dusted off their climbing shoes for another wonder walkathon.

Keeping cool in the heat was just as an important as having fun.


We went up and down and up again.


How many laps did you do yesterday?

How did you feel about participating in the climbathon?

Monday, 23 May 2016

How does doodlecasting help with your learning?

Yesterday you listening to your first thoughts about our current Unit of Inquiry into water.

It was fascinating to watch your reactions to hearing your thinking from just a few weeks earlier.

What I noticed:

You could talk about what you learned since you made the video
You knew what you needed to be thinking about more carefully
You were starting to make connections that you need to observe more closely to make connections

I am wondering:

  • What makes hearing your thinking different from reading it? How does that help (or not) with your learning?
  • In doodlecasting you can speak, draw, write and use pictures. How does that help (or not) with your thinking when you watch your video a few weeks later?
  • What were some challenges to watching and making doodlecasts?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

"I'm not good at drawing.."

Ms Stephanie doesn't like to draw because her drawings don't look good. Because she doesn't draw, she doesn't get better at drawing.

This month she challenged herself to draw something once a day to see if she could improve. At the moment Ms Stephanie is concentrating on making more accurate shapes.

But is practicing something enough?

I love this story of Austin's butterfly - it shows how your friends can make you better at drawing or anything really.

Austin reminds me a lot of of the girl who learned to dubsetep by herself.

What kind of attitudes did both learners show to get better? 

 What skills did they use to get better?

What is a skill you need to improve? What will you do to get better?

Monday, 16 May 2016

Under the Mountain

We've left behind the Matheson twins and their stones from Under the Mountain

What were the difference you noticed between the book and the trailer?
Why do you think that the director changed some parts of the story? How did that make you feel?

Friday, 13 May 2016

Science Lab

Yesterday was your first chance to use the science lab.

There we learned:

  • About the water cycle
  • To be safe in a potentially dangerous environment
  • Gather data and make observations

What did you learn about water that you didn't know before?

What attitudes do scientists use to help them learn? What makes you think that?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Yesterday we started thinking about water - what makes water safe to drink.

 Ms Stephanie supplied some water though some of the bottles contained 'unpure' water.

Some bottles contained chemicals - sodium bicarbonate and others sodium chloride. Another group of bottles contained sugar and a fourth group of of bottles were coloured yellow.

  • Many of you weren't worried about a lack of water until you became thirsty. 
  • You didn't follow instructions as well as you became thirsty.
  • Those who received coloured water were concerned about safety and more cautious to taste it.
  • Some of you were angry that your water contained chemicals.
  • The group with sugar really enjoyed drinking their water. 
What do your reactions tell us about your knowledge of water?
What do your reactions tells us about humans think about water?